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Skyrocket your SEO rankings
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Improve your website's SEO rankings


Improve your GMB's SEO rankings

Netclicking increases SEO rankings with CTR manipulation - click through rate manipulation

Easily improve your SEO rankings. (and sales!)

Now, you’ll no longer need to struggle (and spend a lot of money) with getting your website at the top of Google search results.

Having a high click-through rate demonstrates to Google that users appreciate your website—and can boost it in the search results.

We employ real people (no bot, VPNs, or proxies) to search for your desired keywords and click on your website in search results.

This increases your organic click-through rate and improves your ranking in search engines.

How does it work?

1. Register to Netclicking.

2. Create a campaign in less than 2 minutes—it’s super simple.

3. Congratulations on launching your campaign! —Our dashboard can help you monitor its progress.

Improve Google My Business and website SEO rankings
geo targeted traffic - web traffic generator from all countries

Improve SEO rankings.

Increase the visibility of your website and Google My Business listing by ranking for all your relevant keywords.

geo targeted traffic - web traffic generator from all countries

Real clickers.

We only employ real people to click your links—no bots, VPNs, or proxies are allowed.

geo targeted traffic - web traffic generator from all countries

Location Targeting.

Improve your local SEO in specific countries and cities. We cover over 50 countries and 2700 cities worldwide.

geo targeted traffic - web traffic generator from all countries

Increase time on site.

Our clickers will stay on your site for at least 3 minutes and scroll through different pages.

geo targeted traffic - web traffic generator from all countries

Unique visitors.

Each clicker will visit your website only once and not multiple times, ensuring that each visit is unique.

geo targeted traffic - web traffic generator from all countries

Easy to use.

Launch a campaign in less than 2 minutes. Keep on top of things with our nifty dashboard!



Improve your local rankings in the countries and cities of your choice.

Dominate your local market. Our CTR manipulation network helps you boost your SEO rankings in over +50 countries and +2700 cities. We’re adding new locations every day.

What do Google experts say about click-through rate?

Google has emphasized the importance of click-through rate (CTR) as a search ranking factor on multiple occasions.

Google Patent. "Is the number of visitors a ranking factor ?"
Google's Lawsuit that talks about CTR and SEO

Case study: Ranking #1 on Google with CTR.

Rand Fishkin, an SEO expert and founder of Moz, performed a case study on how to improve CTR.

The results were astonishing: His site climbed from #7 to #1 on targeted keywords after boosting the number of clicks from SERP to his website.

RAND FISHKIN SEO CASE STUDY ABOUT CTR: is Click-Through Rate a ranking factor?
Buy organic website traffic with Netclicking

Netclicking vs. the competition.

• Price: More affordable.

• Real Organic Visitors: Only real human clicks – No traffic bots, No VPNs, No Proxies.

• National SEO: 50+ countries available.

• Local SEO: 2700+ cities available. Google My Business SEO.

• Time on site: Our clickers stay 2X longer on your website.

• User-Experience: Campaigns are easier and faster to create.

• Support: 7/7 Live chat with our SEO experts.

• Analytics: traffic and clicks appear in all analytics tools like Google Analytics / Google Search Console / Yandex…

What is Netclicking ?
Netclicking is a click-through rate manipulation service that helps website owners increase their organic search engine rankings.

Using real people (not bots, VPNs, or proxies) to search for specific keywords and click on your website in the search results, Netclicking artificially increases your organic click-through rate and improves your ranking in search engines.

Since our company’s founding in 2019, we have helped clients improve their SERP rankings with our CTR service. Contact us today to learn more about how Netclicking can help your business!

How does Netclicking work?

Netclicking is the #1 CTR manipulation service that allows website owners to buy organic website traffic.

Our pool of more than 200k clickers uses a web app that tracks their behavior, allowing us to verify that they are completing your orders. 

  1. Our clickers will search your keyword on Google.
  2. Then the clickers will scroll down to find your website among the search results.
  3. Once the clickers find your website, they open it.
  4. Finally arrived on your website, the clickers will engage with your content, read your pages, scroll, visit several internal pages, and stay on your website for a random period of time of at least 3 min.
  5. The clickers will end up closing the tab as if they found all the information they were searching for. In other words, clickers will not hit the “back” button or return to Google results.

What are the main features of Netclicking?

Improve Search engine rankings:

Boost your search engine rankings by ranking for all relevant keywords to your business.


Buy real SEO traffic from real clickers:

We only hire real people to click on your website from the SERP. This increases your organic Clickthrough rate, which in turn improves your SEO rankings.

(We do not use black hat SEO methods such as automated traffic bots, traffic software, VPNs, or Proxies.)


Skyrocket your local search engine rankings:

Boost your local SEO and get ahead of your competitors in specific countries and cities. We cover over 50 countries and 2700 cities worldwide.


Increase time on site and influence scroll rate:

Studies have shown that a longer dwell time has a positive impact on search rankings.

Our clickers will stay on your site for at least 3 minutes and scroll through different pages. This signals to Google that your website is valuable and should rank higher.


Unique visitors. 

Each clicker will visit your website only once, ensuring that each visit is unique and not recorded by the same user multiple times.


Campaign management & Dashboard

Launch a campaign in two minutes or less. Keep on top of things with our dashboard, which offers a clear overview of your campaign’s performance.


Low Bounce Rate and engagement

Netclicking’s web visitors engage with your website’s content and visit several internal pages, leading to a lower bounce rate.


Google Autocomplete Creation – Make your brand name appear next to your money keywords in Google Suggest.
What is the Google Autocomplete feature?

Google Autocomplete is a feature of Google Search that suggests queries based on other users’ search activity and interests.

Google Autocomplete helps to find information quickly and easily by suggesting searches based on popular queries. The search suggestions you see are a reflection of the search activity of all Web users and the content of web pages indexed by Google.

You can use Google Autocomplete to get ideas for things to research, learn about or buy online. You can also use it to explore your interests, discover new websites and find out more about current news stories.

Google Autocomplete is a feature of Google Search that offers suggested searches based on a given keyword. The list of suggestions from Google Autocomplete may be more useful for SEO than the actual search results, as it can show users what they’re really interested in, as well as potentially unearth new keywords you hadn’t considered before.

The autocomplete feature is designed to reduce the typing users must do when searching for something on Google. It’s beneficial for mobile devices without room for typing out full queries. However, it can also be used by businesses and marketers to gain insight into how their target audience thinks and talks about their products and services.

Netclicking helps you manipulate Autocomplete predictions by making real users type in your keywords on the search engine box.


Improve the visibility of all your online assets on Google SERP.

Netclicking allows you to improve the Google search engine rankings of all kinds of websites, including:

Adults websites, Affiliate websites, Amazon KDP Ebook listings, Amazon listings, Apple’s App Store, Blog, Bol listings, Bonanza listings, Cdiscount listings, eBay listings, Ecommerce websites, Etsy listings, Google Play Stores, iGaming websites, Lazada listings, Rank and Rent websites, SaaS websites, Shopee listings…



Traffic and click information, appears in all analytics tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Yandex Webmaster Tools.

What is the organic click-through rate?

Organic click-through rate (CTR) is a metric that shows how many people click on your website’s search engine results. Calculating your organic CTRs helps you gauge how valuable each rank position is to your site.
The CTR allows you to estimate the organic web traffic that your website will receive. For example, if your site drops from position two to ten for a keyword, it might result in a 50 percent decrease in traffic.

You can calculate the CTR using this formula:

You can calculate the organic CTR using this formula:

Calculate your own website’s click-through rate.

Calculating a click-through rate (CTR) requires the use of three important data items from the Google Search Console. These are the keywords that your site ranks for with their accumulated number of clicks, the total number of impressions, and position ranking within Google’s search results pages. It’s then necessary to divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions at each rank level to determine your CTR.

Extract keyword data from different sources:

Google Search Console (GSC):

One of the easiest ways to gather keyword data is by exporting keyword information from Google Search Console (GSC). GSC offers to download a .csv file of keywords, but it only exports 1,000 at a time. That is why other solutions listed below are better and more manageable.

Looker Studio:

For anyone who isn’t a programmer, Looker Studio, (formerly Google Data Studio) is an excellent free tool to pull more data from your Search Console account. For the extract same 90-day period, GSC is limited to 1,000 keywords whereas Looker Studio can retrieve up to 200,000 keywords.

Google Search Console API:

If you are looking for a large data set, you will have better results if you connect directly to the source using Search Console API. This will give you better control over the data you’re pulling and result in a larger data set. (Basic knowledge of programming is required to use this method.)

What is Click-though rate Manipulation?

Click-through rate manipulation (also called CTR optimization, or CTR manipulation) is the act of using manual or automated techniques to artificially increase or inflate the organic click-through rate (CTR) of a digital asset, such as a website, Google My Business listing, or YouTube video.


The purpose of manipulating the click-through rate of a web listing is to show Google that the website generates more user activity, which makes it more relevant to answer users’ queries.

Google is more than a search engine. It’s also an answer engine.
The purpose of Google is to provide web visitors with the best answer for their search query in the fastest time possible, that is why Google’s search algorithm analyses user metrics such as click-through rate and it uses this data to determine which website should rank higher in the search results.


Most popular CTR manipulation solutions and techniques

There are many different techniques and solutions to manipulate organic click-through rates including:


Netclicking uses real people who click on your website, which improves your click-through rate, and SEO rankings, and helps you convert more visitors into customers.

Netclicking has a pool of over 3,000,000 active clickers across the world.

+2700 cities and +50 countries are currently available.

Try our affordable CTR manipulation service.


Traffic Bots:

Bot traffic, or automated Internet traffic, is web traffic generated by automated software designed to perform repetitive tasks that are often simple. These automated programs—referred to as bots—can work around the clock, often much more quickly than a human could.

Traffic bots are software programs that generate traffic to a website. These traffic software programs can be configured for a variety of options, including country, the number of visits per day, and time spent on the site.

The main idea is to create a CTR manipulation campaign from a web traffic bot software to send fake visits to your website.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Traffic Bots to manipulate CTR?

Google is able to detect fake traffic generated by traffic bots for several reasons:
– Traffic bots do not behave as randomly as real visitors.
– The IPs used usually come from VPNs, and proxies, which are detected and often blacklisted by Google.
– The number of IPs is repeated, which is a problem because you need unique visits.
The consequences are that Google considers traffic bots to be black hat SEO tricks, in the best case you will have no SEO effect, and in the worst case, you will be blacklisted and penalized. Don’t take the risk of losing valuable SEO positions.


Microworkers / Micro-tasks

Microworkers is a trusted platform that offers micro-tasks to people all over the world. Microworkers allow you to earn money by performing simple tasks from wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Microworkers for organic CTR manipulation?

Google is smart enough to know when traffic comes from microworkers by checking referrals.
When you pay microworkers to complete specific tasks, it’s easy for them to mistakenly click on competitors’ websites.
If you want to scale the microworkers platform and send large amounts of traffic, there are not enough workers.
There are not enough people enough clickers in your region or city for local SEO.
Google can tell that traffic is coming from micro-task platforms because of their tracking systems, so in the best case you’ll have no SEO effect, and in the worst case scenario—you will be blacklisted or penalized. Don’t take any risks with your valuable SEO positions!


Advertisement & Email campaigns

You can use Facebook Ads, Google ads, Taboola, push notifications, and other types of PPC / CPV ads.

The problem is that you will only increase the number of direct visitors to your website, and not the organic click-through rate. Secondly, Google can once again track that the traffic is coming from an ad. Finally, the price would be too costly.


Social networks groups and communities

You have the possibility to experiment with what Rand Fishkin did, by simply asking your audience on a Facebook group, LinkedIn, or Reddit to search for your given keyword, find your website in the SERP, and visit it.

The issue is that people will not do it for you a second time if you do not pay them, and you will never have enough traffic to increase your search engine rankings.



Recently introduced, this technique uses emulators such as Android Studio and 4G SIM IPs to simulate a large number of devices using a single SIM card to generate visits.

The problems with this method include:

– It is difficult to implement
– A powerful VPS server is required
– You need multiple devices for SIM cards
– You must configure an emulator for each visitor (time-consuming), ideally with a Gmail profile per visitor (unreliable at scale).
– It requires manual action from you; you will need to employ virtual assistants to handle these tasks, which is expensive and not scalable.
– Google detects emulators as fake devices in most cases (No IMEI numbers, No MAC addresses, no user footprints)

Although this method may work in some instances, it’s highly unlikely that it will succeed because you either won’t have enough IP addresses or enough clicks and/or Google will detect the fake devices because they won’t have IMEIs.


Create your own Click farm

Click farms are companies where people spend their time clicking on videos and websites to increase their analytics. In detail, it is a group of people sitting in front of several smartphones or computers clicking on content so as to increase the number of views, likes, comments…

Basically, you should create your own click-farm by buying a diversity of smartphones and old devices.

The problems here are obvious:

1. If you need to generate 1000 clean visits, you will need 1000 devices, with a unique IP. So you should be ready to invest some money.
2. You will need to pay people to perform these search tasks, which is also an extra expense.


Buy SEO web traffic from Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace connecting skilled freelancers with both businesses and individuals for jobs ranging from usually $5 to $5,000.

You can find gigs of people selling “SEO website traffic”, or so-called “SEO clicks”.

The problems are that those sellers are only using cheap SEO traffic bot generators. And sell to you bad-quality traffic. By using these services you will have negative effects or no effects.


5 tips to naturally increase CTR

1. Optimize your Title tags and Meta Descriptions by asking yourself: What keywords are your intended readers searching for? What are some associated searches for those words? What search would you perform if you were one of your clients?

2. Use “powerful” words and Call-to-actions in your title to give readers an emotional response. For example, words like incredible, secret, and extraordinary will provoke curiosity in your readers.

3. Use numerical data in your title tags and meta descriptions. Numbers grab people’s attention and give them an idea of what to expect when they click your link
i.e: “20 free hacks to increase sales with SEO”

4. Add Rich Snippets to help increase the visibility of your links and make them more appealing to click, thereby improving your CTR.
Rich snippets can be used in recipes, organizations, or events. For example, a recipe might display the star rating, ingredients, and cooking time; an organization can display its address, hours of operation, and customer reviews; and an event could show its date, location, and price.
5. Use short and meaningful URLs


Use cases of CTR manipulation:

Here is a list of the 3 most common use cases of CTR manipulation:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, includes all the techniques for improving a page’s, site’s, or web application’s ranking in a search engine results page.

Is CTR considered to be an SEO Ranking factor?

Yes, our clients and we have done a lot of tests and from the data we have, we can ensure that CTR and engagement are surefire ranking factors.
Google will favor search results that have high click-through rates and excellent content. If Google tests the relevance of a page for a particular keyword, and your content does not have a high click-through rate, you will lose out on ranking and traffic.

When is the best time to implement CTR manipulation in your SEO strategy?

If you are trying to rank for highly competitive search terms, optimizing your on-page SEO should be your first priority (long text, headings, images, videos, FAQ, structured data…). You can then set up a campaign to improve your click-through rate.
If you are trying to rank for low-competition keywords, having a decent page and being indexed on Google is fairly enough.

Does Netclicking help your company rank on all browsers?

Yes, Netclicking improves your SEO on all web browsers. (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge…)

How to optimize national search engine rankings with Netclicking’s CTR manipulation?

Sign up on Netclicking, and you can launch your SEO campaign in just a few minutes.
Simply choose your keyword, the number of visitors you want to get from the search engines, and the country you want to target (no need to enter a city as you are doing national SEO), and Netclicking will take care of the rest.

How to optimize local SEO with Netclicking?

First, register on Netclicking.

Then, create a campaign in 2 minutes:
– choose the URL of the page (or GMB) you want to rank,
– the keywords,
– country,
– the city,
– and the number of visitors you need every day.

Finally, launch your campaign and that’s it!


2. Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is a major concern in search engine results pages (SERP), which include consumer reviews, press coverage, and user-generated content. It’s important to monitor these pages for mentions of your brand, company, or services so you can address any issues as soon as possible.

So what happens if a negative article shows up when you type in your personal name or company name?

You need to have positive websites ranking above this negative article in order to bury it on the second, or even better, the third page of Google.

How to use Netclicking Clickthrough rate services for your online reputation management campaigns?

1. Create 5 exact match domains positive websites.
2. Publish 15 articles/month/website.
3. Create all social pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter…), and link those to your EMDs.
4. Create a Neclicking CTR campaign for each of those websites in order to quickly increase rankings.


3. Selling high-quality SEO website traffic and CTR clicks

Start your very own 5-figure-a-month online business by following these 3 simple steps:
1. Create your own website where you explain that you are selling SEO clicks and CTR optimization services.
2. Promote your offer using SEO, Facebook, Google ads…
3. For each sale you get, create a Netclicking campaign and sell at a higher price our services.


Does Netclicking use traffic bots or automated traffic generators?

No, we do not use traffic bots, or any kind of traffic generator, we use only real clickers.

Using bots is considered black hat SEO, and is very risky for your rankings. Please do not waste your money or harm your website with useless bots.

First of all, let’s clarify what are those bots:

“Traffic bots” are tools used by webmasters to artificially create fake visits to a website. Traffic bots are generally only used to spoof direct traffic. There are also called “traffic software”, or “traffic bot software”.
“Automated traffic bots” (also known as automatic traffic bots) are advanced versions of regular traffic bots, that can run 24/7 without stopping, according to a certain amount of settings.
“Traffic generators” are similar to traffic bots, but are using residential IPs, as opposed to regular traffic bots which use data center proxies.
“SEO traffic generators” also called “SEO traffic bot generators” are traffic generators that try to only focus on search engine optimizations.
“CTR bots” or “Google CTR bots” are used to influence Google search console CTR.

The truth behind web traffic generators and why you should avoid them

You should avoid Google CTR bots and all traffic bots and website traffic generators at all costs for the following reasons:

  • Traffic bots are never really random. Nothing is more unique than real visits from real clickers.
  • Traffic generators and other CTR bots are detected by Google.
  • They can’t solve Captchas.
  • The IPs are always the same and are bought from third-party services, which means that all the people doing web scrapping, and data-parsing… use the same IPs.
Why proxies or VPNs are not giving any SEO effect while optimizing the CTR?

As answered above, VPNs, Datacenter and residential proxies are usually detected by Google, they are also not unique and used by other people. You can’t buy the exclusivity of those IPs.
Using those proxies is the best way to get 0 SEO results, or worst, get penalized.

What type of traffic do you need for CTR optimizations?

The only traffic that should be used and that Netclicking uses is real human web traffic from real clickers. It is the only traffic that Google likes, simply because it is natural.

How to easily buy real people’s clicks to manipulate the click-through rate?

Netclicking employs real people to click on your website. This improves your click-through rate and boosts search engine rankings, leading to more conversions.

Netclicking has over 3 million active visitors (clickers) spread across 50 countries around the world.

Create your first CTR campaign in less than 2 min.


What is the percentage (%) of traffic should you send when manipulating CTR?

There is no precise answer to this question. It depends on the keyword you want to rank for. For an individual project, look at the monthly search volume that the site currently in 1st position receives for that particular keyword and send 75% of that volume month by month until you reach your goal.

The other important key is to work on all the keywords on that page.
ie: if you want to rank for the keyword: “plumber NYC” you should increase the CTR of all the
related keywords at the same time to look more natural, for instance: “NYC plumber”; “plumber in new york city” “new york city plumber”; “NYC plumbing services”; etc…


How long does it take before you can see the first results?

The answer to that question is: it depends.

The first effects of CTR will appear within 2-4 weeks, but it can take up to 2-4 months before you see a real impact on your search engine ranking.

Can Netclicking’s CTR manipulation network be used for Google My Business?

Yes, Netclicking’s Clickthrough rate manipulation service works on Google My Business listings too, allowing you to send local traffic from the cities of your choice to your Google Business Profile listing, helping you move up in local rankings.


How many Netclicking CTR campaigns can you create?

You can create as many campaigns as you want, there are no limitations.


Can you cancel your subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to your account and selecting the campaign you want to cancel from the “profile” tab, or you can contact us and let us know your account’s email address and campaign(s) you want to cancel. We do not store payment details as we are using a third-party checkout solution.

Kindly note that as we are paying in advance for clickers, we can not refund an ongoing or ended campaign.


Is Netclicking a safe CTR network?

Yes, because our organic traffic is performed by real human beings. It is not considered black hat or even grey hat SEO techniques because the visits are unique and natural. (Each clicker only visits your website once.)


How do you ensure the authenticity of the clickers?

We hire only the most qualified and dedicated clickers to work with us. All our clickers have been verified by our staff, who have verified their identities by checking their proof of identity. We also use exclusive methods to check the devices, browser versions, and IP addresses of our clickers to ensure that they are not using automated traffic bots, VPNs, or proxies. This ensures that only real people with high-quality IPs click on your sites.


How many keywords and URLs can you target?

There is no limit to the number of keywords and links you can choose.

Which Languages and Countries are supported?

Which languages are available?

All languages are available; here are the most popular among Netclicking users:
Mandarin Chinese
Modern Standard Arabic
Standard German
Nigerian Pidgin
Yue Chinese
Wu Chinese
Iranian Persian
Egyptian Spoken Arabic
Western Punjabi
Eastern Punjabi
Min Nan Chinese
Hakka Chinese
Sudanese Spoken Arabic
Algerian Spoken Arabic

Which countries are available?

Here is the list of all our available countries. To view the list of available cities, click here. If you’d like to add a country to the list, please contact us.

United States
Costa Rica
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom